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It seems to me that Furcadia has always been a very diverse community-- nearly everyone I speak to knows a second (or third, or fourth!) language. Me, I've learned the utterly useless (but fun) language of Latin, and have just embarked in an effort to learn Classical Nahuatl by myself. If anyone speaks Nahuatl-- even a modern variant-- let me know! I need serious help! >:P

What languages do you speak, Beekins?
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Yay. Posters!

I speak: English, Tagalog, Spanish, and a little bit of French and Viet. :)
English and a little bit of french.
Same here.

...I don't quite get your icon.
Some french on my end, but I wanted to learn Latin. They stopped it, like, the year right before I went to high school. Only know three words...Domintio Per Malum.
I speak English, obviously.
My first language was French, and I taught myself German (So I'm not very good at it)
And, I know very little Latin.
I used to be pretty fluent in Indonesian, but my talent has slipped for lack of practice... I can understand it mostly though. Oh yeah, english as well =P